Poster 11 x 14
Publication / Illustration 
This poster is featured in Princeton Architectural Press’ book Posters for Change (2018), a collection of 50 tear-out posters (chosen from over 800 submissions) on social and political issues such as climate change, the rights of minorities, the rights of women, and healthcare, among others. The book showcases the crucial role of graphic activism in politics and encourages people to display the posters as a way to protest. “Not a Luxury” (the poster) focuses on the issue of healthcare. It uses patterns similar to those of luxurious brands to convey how expensive some medications are. The poster communicates that medicine should not be a luxury to which only the wealthy have access.  
Get the book (available in print and digital formats): Princeton Architectural PressBarnes & NobleAmazon
Proceeds are donated to the following nonprofit organizations: Advocates for Human Rights, Border Angels, Honor the Earth, and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.
The poster
The cover designed by Princeton Architectural Press features various posters published in the book.
The table of contents includes the artist’s name and page number for every poster featured in the book.
Endorsement by Shepard Fairey

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