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Karpeles is a library and museum with several locations in the United States. They hold the world's largest private collection of original manuscripts. This project updates Karpeles' identity and website to give the organization a modern look. Blue is the main color used in the rebrand because it symbolizes trust, intelligence, and wisdom, which are all attributes Karpeles aims to convey to its audience. The project also includes two booklets with information about what Karpeles is and what they do. These would be available to visitors and potential donors at Karpeles locations. 
Explore the redesigned website: desktop, tablet, mobile
Old logo (left) and redesigned logo (right)
Multiple pages of the redesigned website displayed across different devices
Some spreads from the “What We Do” booklet (each spread is 8.5 x 11)
Some spreads from the “Who We Are” booklet (each spread is 6 x 12)

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