Civic Campaign
Posters / Illustration 
#NoALaReelección was a civic campaign that took place in Panama prior to the general elections of May 2019. It was led by young citizens who aimed to end the corruption within the Panamanian government by proposing that no political authority be reelected in a position they had previously occupied. This project develops a visual identity for the movement that is informed and inspired by protest posters of the 60s and 70s. Particularly, by those used in Chile to protest the dictatorship, in France to protest capitalism, and in the United States to protest the Vietnam War, as well as those used in support of activist movements like the Women’s Liberation Movement and Black Power. The design mimics characteristic features of this era, such as the use of a limited color palette, straightforward illustrations, handwritten text, stencils, and the silkscreen printing process. 
Translation: “No (signs) to reelection”
The project includes white t-shirts (color historically used in Panama to protest against the government), stickers, and pins used to show support for the movement.
Translation: “Enough corruption. Say no to reelection” (bottom left) “No to reelection if you’re tired of the rats that steal the money of the population” (bottom middle)

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