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The American government fails to protect its citizens from gun violence by refusing to strongly regulate the access and use of guns, for which they must at least ensure that those who experience gun violence receive the support they need. This project uses data and quotes from survivors coupled with illustrations and photographs to bring awareness to the various difficulties faced by gun violence survivors and to the fact that the United States government has no special programs in place for them. Each component of the campaign encourages the audience to sign Everytown for Gun Safety’s “Moments that Survive” petition, which demands that all gun violence survivors have access to the physical, mental, emotional, legal, and financial support they need. The petition is hosted under the Moments that Survive website, an existing platform for survivors created by Everytown. 
This project was selected as a Runner-up in the Graphic Design: Student category of Creative Quarterly 59.
The contrast between the quotes and the (happy) images creates dissonance to show that the effects of gun violence are not always noticeable to others.
Each ad has a quote, a photo, and a short description of the survivor's experience with gun violence, along with a call to action to sign Everytown's petition.
The ads are displayed in billboards, magazines, and bus stops.
The ads show different kinds of gun violence to show that there are various ways in which people can become a 'survivor'
Ad in use at a bus stop
Posters displaying statistical information about gun violence in the US
Posts on Everytown’s Instagram account
Petition website (top left), posters in use (bottom left), and full petition under the Moments that Survive website (right)

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